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Retouching examples...

Here are several examples of photo retouching we have provided for clients. In all four examples, notice the areas under the eyes and neck. Also notice color correction...removal of bloodshot eyes, crows-feet wrinkles, teeth whitened, birthmarks removed, etc.

We can also "trim" body fat, lengthen limbs, enhance or diminish certain body features including the nose and breasts.

Study the photos ......Examples 1., 2., 3. & 4. Example 5 of color changes go to RECOLOR 
Example 1 - After digital airbrushing of skin, wrinkles, birthmarks, etc., plus background replacement, make-up & hair refinement. Example 2 below - A younger-looking "world's oldest ingenue" theater still

Example 3 below. A professional's corporate headshot reveals a "bad hair day" as well as some strain around the eyes. The retouched version softens those time lines and provides a more polished hair-do, and removes that droopy skin of the eyelids. Example 4 Below - a sexy senior forgot to put on make-up before going out with family...retouching takes care of the problem AND adds a bit of hair to thinning hairstyle!

Instant Youth!

Example 1

lady beforeLady After

    professional Before

Professional - After