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Season Rack Card & Anniversary Event Program, Curtain Call Playhouse, June 2017
4x9 Rack Card with season show details; and a 12-Page program with sponsor ads, full-color print production at wholesale pricing, acheived with a 15-day turnaround from day 1 layout and pre-press approval drafts to upload to offsite printer and delivery (five days). Click image to view full booklet.

Season Card   Curtain Call Program-  --

Conference Booklets:
(note-we are only permitted to share a portion of this conference material due to sensitive nature of the information.)
MedTech Showcase Sample

Biotech Showcase 2016

Biotech Showcase 2015


Ad Journals - Playbills - Booklets
includes coordination of ads and composing custom ads or placing camera-ready ad art.
Florida Tango Festival 2015
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2008
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2006
Big Brothers Big Sisters 2009

Rack Card 4x9 Brochure 2015
Two-sided cards for trade shows, brochure racks, direct-mail, door-hangers, and more.
rack card

MTS Yachts Booklet Brochure

Yacht Crew Connection Ad

Yacht Crew Connection 4x6 promo for parents/schools

MTS Brochure
BBT Miami Booklet Brochure
GCA Catalog
Large Size Brochure Book
9x11 Brochures & Progams
9x11 brochure
Logo Designs>
Gate-Fold Brochure for HAGM
4x9 Four Panel Brochures Jumbo Postcard Mailers
Realtor® Door Cards for KW 4x6 Postcard Mailers


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